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Website Design & Development

Website design comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you just want a simple one page site that gives details on your company, multiple pages with a CMS (Content Managment System), e-Commerce site or you want a full online cloud based product we can help you.

This will hopefully give an idea of the different types so you can decide what it is you are looking for.

Single Page
This usually consists of one page, it can be as long as you like since scrolling isn't a problem with websites. It usually gives an idea of what your company offers, services, products and contact information.

Multiple Pages with CMS
When you start having multiple pages on your website you really want a CMS(Content Management System) so that you can update the pages yourselves. This isn't something you need much training on, it basically acts the same as a word processing package. We can also add other modules in too so if you need a gallery or maybe even a CRM system for people conacting you from the site.

eCommerce Site
Whatever product you sell, an eCommerce site can be created and moulded to fit. Lots of the cheaper "out of the box" eCommerce sites fit a wide range of products, but aren't fully customisable to allow for niches or for when you want refined functionality.

Cloud Application/Product/App
These days all sorts of products/services are made available via online websites. This allows for easily managed monthly/annual payments and a simple way to continually push out new development changes without any software needing to be downloaded.

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